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“There's nothing more important that you can do in your life than to heal yourself. That's how you're also able to heal the world.

It was my second retreat with Ayahuasca and the first one with Wistin Origins. From the beginning I could feel their love and support. Already before the retreat they give you advice how to prepare yourself in the best way possible. During the retreat you feel they are always there for you, their beautiful home in the nature and their loving presence are already healing. Also you can have your own space anytime it's needed.

Personally, Ayahuasca helped me on my first retreat already. But this time it was even more what I expected. She showed me things from my past that had been so traumatizing my mind had protected me by forgetting them. But unconsciously they still affected to my life. Now when I remember those, I can finally heal and have peace. Ayahuasca helped me to "connect the dots", to understand myself and that way others also better. To be more gentle with myself and remember what really matters in life. It was a little scary at times, but she let me know I will not be given more what I can take. She made me realize I'm the one who's responsible for my healing but I'm always gonna have love and support on the way.

It was so beautiful, Ayahuasca teaching and the healers singing straight to the heart and soul. I probably have never before felt this much peace, and this loved.

I warmly recommend this to everyone who has something they need to heal, mentally or physically, and who wants to develop and become the best versions of themselves. Healing is a life-long journey and I will definitely come back.

For Henna & Richard:

there's no words to describe how grateful I am and how much love I feel for you both. You guys are angels in this world.”

~ Elisa P, Spain

"It’s hard to put my experience with Henna & Richard in words. Transformational, perhaps, is the best single word describing it.

I had no previous experience with the Medicine, and would not know what to expect. Turned out I didn’t have to, it works exactly where needed.

Henna & Richard are extremely good at what they do. I felt for once in my life I was in a safe space to deal with my deepest issues and personal demons. These shamans are talented, dedicated and wise, being there for you the whole time from the deep preparative work, all the way through until the integration. Even after that they would answer any questions that arise and support you from the distance. 

During the seremonies these two beautiful souls are able to hold the space in a marvellous way, making it easy to trust them and surrender to the Medicine. Their singing is other-worldly beautiful, helping you get through anything you need to deal with. After the seremonies I felt euphoric, blissful and light. I was mesmerised by the fact I could be so free, safe and unapologetically myself surrounded by people I didn’t know. 

The retreat outside the seremonies is the ultimate unwinding experience where you are finally allowed to let go of all outside expectations. We focused on art-making, writing, yoga, eating delicious natural diet food - sharing the space with others and being able to retire to our own space whenever feeling the need to be alone. I’ve probably never felt more relaxed and blissful. This is not to say it was easy, but easy is not on the list if you opt for transformation. 

If you want to take a huge step into over-all better, I definitely recommend doing a retreat with Henna & Richard. I will certainly do this again, and would not consider doing it with any other shamans than these two. <3 "

~ Reetta K, Finland

“When we first encountered the Wistin Origins website I just knew, immediately and in my heart, that this was the place and the people through which we wanted to have our second meeting with the Mother Vine. My husband and I went to the Amazon last year for our first sacred ceremonies and after our return we searched the internet for places in Europe. But that wasn't easy! Either the offers on hand were just off somehow, both people and cost-wise, and if there is something one needs to be extremely cautious about and research well- it's where one decides to uncover ones heart, soul and spirit...

A dear friend, our facilitator from last year in Peru, told us that her friends Henna & Richard were establishing a place in Andalucía, and lo and behold! This was it. She said that their ceremonies were beautiful and full of love, and so they truly are. When encountering Mother Ayahuasca you have to do the work yourself and it can be very hard and challenge you to the max. These extraordinary shamans may be European and to us, to me, they excelled at the same level of dedication and love as the ones we were blessed to have in the rainforest. I would say that their European roots just added in the most positive way to our having deep and intimate sessions with both Kambo, Grandfather Tobacco and The Mother Vine.

Their Icaros... their songs, their music... oh dear Universe, we were so lucky! Their icaros, their medicine, their healing abilities are as profound as their dedication. I will never forget those voices and their divine nature- when Henna sang in Finnish it could break your heart wide open...

Their Kambo sessions really rocked my old stuff, and getting to meet the strength and grandfatherly power of Tobacco was a gift. Richard’s strength and power matches Henna’s to perfection, their voices carrying the joy of angels and the wisdom of having suffered. All this made me feel safe and so well taken care of.

The gorgeous place itself with sweet and breathtaking views over the ancient Andalusian landscape, with the moon and stars at night and the life-giving sun during the day. Before the Tobacco ceremony we drove to a magical mountain area, El Torcal, which was a great and inspiring medicine in itself. The fresh, nutritious and delicious dieta food Henna made was ‘just what the doctor ordered' and our conversations full of super interesting information, hilariousness and supportive personal sharing :)

Topping it off, on the last day when integrating all the teachings and lessons received in each and every ceremony was the thing to do, we went to a lake, turquoise and so sweet and fresh and started to land, softly. The porridge that morning, breaking the dieta, was too good to be true!

We will be back. I treasure the love and connection with our new friends and blessed shaman healers. I can recommend Wistin Origins to any searching soul who is ready to take responsibility and a great leap into new territories of the heart and soul!”

~ Regine H, Norway

"Everything related to Wistin Origins is beautiful. Henna & Richard first of all, loving and respectful, strong and powerful healers and shamans, beautiful souls doing such noble and important work for Planet Earth by making Amazonian traditional medicine available in Europe.

The setting itself; the serene landscape and majestic mountains surrounding the 'hacienda', the retreat center, which is a beautiful harmonious building vibrating with positive energy.

The ceremonies, so filled with love, healing and joy - and celestial, otherworldly icaros sung by both Henna & Richard. No copying, nothing you have heard before, the icaros are truly original and truly genuine and truly personal and truly healing.

The medicine, also the kambo and the tobacco, beautiful and amazing. Even the dieta food was spectacular, so much taste, really delicious, Henna does magic in the kitchen - and Richard makes the best porridge!!

Wistin Origins is such a perfect place to work with plant medicine and healing, I can recommend it without any reservation or doubt. I felt so taken care of, so safe and so loved. What a gift, what a profound experience!"

~ Knut F, Norway

“The medicines and ceremonies were all new to me and although I read some information about Ayahuasca, Kambo and Tobacco medicines before the retreat I was careful not to read about other people's experiences because I did not want theirs to become mine.

Henna & Richard met me at the airport and took me to their beautiful home high in the mountains, they were warm and welcoming and instantly put me at ease.

I was a little anxious because of the unknown but Henna & Richard guided me very gently and with compassion along my journey. They talk to me about my intentions and expectations of the medicine and ceremonies and every morning after breakfast, following the previous day's ceremony we would all meet together to share our experience. Talking it through really helped with the processing and sometimes Henna & Richard were able to offer insights they received about my healing path and helped me to understand some of my experiences and feelings that had arisen.Henna & Richard are both truthful and intuitive shamans and they hold a very special & sacred place from the moment you meet them.

The ceremonies and medicine are treated with the utmost reverence and respect and deeply honoured. As Shamans they encouraged me to interact with the spirit of the medicine and not to be passive and this really helped my journey. Their icaros are soulful and beautiful and they change intuitively in harmony with the medicine and what is needed to help the healing take place; sometimes they melted into gentle soothing songs that quietened me allowing me to focus inward and go deeper into the medicine and my healing & at other times the icaros would be energetic and helped my body to purge.

The spirit of each medicine is different and each brings it's own wisdom. Henna & Richard are very in tune with the spirit of the plants and understand what is required to help you along your path but they always encourage you to seek your own answers and participate with the medicine.

My personal journey with Ayahuasca was profound; at times gentle and soothing & other times tough and hard work but for me each time was so rewarding and magical. I read "if you choose to have a meeting with Mother Ayauasca, you will never be the same person again, don't take that lightly" So true.

Now I feel loved, re-balanced, fitter, healthier than I remember feeling for a long time; so much dense dark energy and toxic junk has gone, been lifted away by the magic of Mother Ayahuasca and my hard work in surrendering and working with her for my higher good.

I would not go anywhere else or work with any other Shamans than Henna & Richard who are truly magical special people. Thank you Henna & Richard for your safe & sacred space, for your magical icaros & your love which shines through everything you do.”

~ Jane C, UK

“Wow. That’s all we could say (over and over) during our mother vine ceremony with Henna & Richard. 

We both had intense shamanic experiences in the Amazon jungle before, and found ourselves in the middle of a confusing labyrinth that was obstructing our connection with the sacred medicine plants. 

In just one night with Henna & Richard, we could reconnect with our inner selves and the unconditional love of God, gaining back the clarity that had been missing in our lives. These two loving, merciful and powerful souls have so much integrity, humility and respect for the medicines and life in general - their ceremonies feel like beautiful healing journey guided by the light of God and all the angels.

Dear friends, we couldn’t be more grateful for your medicine and friendship!

With love,”

~ Mila & Rick, Columbia

"As first timers to the medicine, it was important for us to find the right people to introduce us to it and guide us along our journey.

Henna & Richard guided us right from the beginning (via Skype) and all the way till the end, patiently listening and responding to our queries.

The 3 medicine ceremonies we had were mind blowing experiences, each in their own way, revealing our souls and the challenges that lay ahead. Henna & Richard showed great craft, be it in their medicine preparation, their soulful Icaros or their strong presence during the ceremonies.

The initial pre-brief we had to understand expectations and intents, as well as, the daily sharing circle ensured we all stayed connected to our purpose of taking the medicine.

The retreat was held at their own space in southern Spain. The place was secluded, peaceful, comfortable and in nature. This allowed for a deep digital and physical detox that set us up for the medicine to work on us at the deepest level.

We recommend Wistin Origins as a great place to heal with the medicine, especially if it's your first time!"

~ N & M, UK

“Henna & Richard are doing amazing work with pant medicines and ceremonial healing! They also make every effort outside of the ceremonies themselves to ensure that you are comfortable, relaxed and will happily answer any questions you might have of how the medicines will help you. They have a huge reservoir of knowledge and are always on hand if you need them, both inside and outside the ceremonial space. As well as this they are both an absolute joy to hang out with. 5 Stars, 10/10, 100% etc. depending on what review system you use! ”

~ Danny T, UK

“I cannot remember when i last cried of Joy and appreciation, maybe 20 years ago when my daughter was born. I have done that many times since i first met Richard and Henna, and it happens regularly now.


Richard and Henna helped, guided, held, comforted, sang, supported and inspired me on my path of self healing. Never have i met anyone i trusted with my heart so quickly. I am in awe over how responsible they are in everything.

Authentic loving and dedicated beings.


Thankful too have met them by a magical "coincidence", one that changed me to include more balance and love.

So thankful for you two lovely beings and i miss you.”

~ Jasper O, Denmark

“I met Richard and Henna in Iquitos Peru. I had already some experience with the medicine but I had never reached the thing I wanted to reach untill I met them. I was blocked from my visions and when I sat down with Richard and Henna it took them only two minute to point out why I was blocked. Hearing the reason why I was blocked and the way they explained it to me made me want to do some ceremonies with them. I was very sceptic about doing ceremonies with people that aren’t from South American soil. They took that scepticism away. 

They have so much knowledge that it literally helped me with my visions. Richard helped me clean my self with the tobacco and Henna focused on teaching me how to connect with the medicine. Throughout the day they would both help me by explaining my visions and dreams and how to focus even more. The nice thing they have is that you don’t feel like they are strangers. You experience so much love during and outside the ceremonies that you feel at home immediately. It’s like you have known them for a long time just after a few days. 

A truly amazing duo and I was also amazed how good they work together during the ceremonies. I have accomplished more with a few ceremonies with them than a dozen with others. For that I am truly grateful and always will be. Thank you guys for being so awesome. Your dedication to helping people, I don’t have the words to describe how that made me feel or how this much love for the people is even possible. Never change. I am looking forward to see you guys again in Europe. 

Much Love”

~ Ali TJ, Netherlands

“What a beautiful and life changing experience it has been working with the amazing beings at Wistin Origins. I took part in an 8 day retreat and the entire experience was perfect and sacred. 


Working with the plant spirit world is something to be treated with the utmost respect and this is what Henna & Richard have such delicate aptitude in achieving. They held the space for ceremony in a wholly magical way and provided the best support and guidance I could have wished for on this journey. Not only during the retreat itself but before and after. From the preparation work and diet through to the extremely important aftercare and support. 


 I cannot thank you enough for guiding me on this massive stretch of my personal journey to healing and wholeness. I look forward to continuing to work with you both.”

~ Natalie T, UK

“My experience with Henna & Richard was beyond expectations. Both are very special healers with kindness, compassion and great connection. I can’t wait to meet them again to keep growing and nurture my spirit through the ceremonies. I am very thankful to them, to the Medicine and to Peru. All was fantastic during my stay at their place, running smooth and with a lot of care from both. It was an unforgettable healing night with plenty of stars. It was beautiful. “

~ Albeniz C, UK

"An amazing experience with more than just medicine work, Henna & Richard have a way with healing in all forms. My last two ceremonies were incredible and months in, I am still learning and growing from my experiences. If you are ready to embark on a new journey or continue with one already started - with Wistin Origins, you are in the safest of hands."

~ Bhavin V, UK

"The retreat was a powerful healing experience for me - ever since I've felt more inner safety and joy than ever before. I can warmheartedly recommend working with Henna & Richard. They are both skillful healers and wonderful persons who give their all to help. If you're thinking about attending a retreat, I'd say go for it."

~ Ron E, Finland

“Throughout my entire experience with Henna & Richard I have received constant support, which made me feel really safe and looked after. From the moment I started considering attending the retreat they were there for me to help and answer any questions I may have had. 

Before our retreat I faced a lot of fears which I shared with Henna & Richard. They were extremely helpful and addressed all of my worries prior to the ceremonies, which made me feel at ease going in. 

The retreat itself was organised perfectly, we stayed at a beautiful country house surrounded by peace and quiet of the forest. The small handful of people that I met there have quickly become friends as we bonded over our experiences. 

On the ceremony nights, I experienced both bliss and fear and whenever I needed help there was always either Richard or Henna at the ready, to help me through my journey. 

I cannot recommend these two souls enough! I am excited to attend their retreats again in the future.“

~ Kasia R, Poland

“Henna & Richard helped guide us throughout our retreat, from the first day meeting us to the last day when we left. In what was understandably an intense emotional rollercoaster, they were always on hand to help with all aspects of the retreat and both offered their kindness and experience throughout. The stay was also very comfortable, from the accommodation to the food provided, which definitely added to the experience; I would highly recommend them"

~ Mo A, UK

“Working with Richard and Henna is an experience that I have come to greatly value. First and foremost, their integrity, their care, really what I would characterize as their sense of humanity is profound. I have great admiration for both of them and the work they are doing in the world. They are both healers in the very real sense of the word. I would highly recommend working with them to anyone.” 

~ Brian C, USA

“I have known Richard and Henna since the beginning of their journey in plant medicine. Last year I was lucky enough to be invited to one of their retreats and the experience triggered a journey within myself that I am still working on a daily basis. 

I had no previous experience of a healing ceremony so I was quite sceptic and also afraid of what was to come. From the very first minute of the retreat until the last moments, Henna & Richard were there for me to make sure that all my questions and concerns were being thoroughly answered. 

After the ceremonies I had some serious difficulties integrating back to normality and Henna & Richard were there for me all the way. It dawned on me how important it truly is to be guided by honest and caring people when choosing the path of plant medicine as a healing method. I can't imagine there being anyone else being able to offer a more nurturing and caring platform to start a healing journey. 

Even though I have personally known Henna & Richard for years, and I have witnessed their dedication to their work, it still managed to blow my mind how truly invested they are in helping others to heal. This kind of healing practice takes a huge leap of faith from a person attending, and if you are choosing to take that leap - you are in safe hands with Henna & Richard.”

~ Anni S, Finland



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