Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for me?

Shamanic ceremonies are one of many healing modalities, and although this path can lead to incredibly powerful healing experiences and personal transformations, it is not for everyone. Facing the shadow side of one’s being can be very challenging, and conquering it, a true test of faith. It requires courage, hard work and strength, but the rewards are immense. 

We recommend carefully considering your unique situation and whether it is the right time for you to join. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us and share with us any concerns you might have. We will happily help you come to an informed decision about your participation.

Please note: We open our ceremonies solely for healing and self development. Those who are only looking for an ‘experience’ or to ‘tick a box’ should look elsewhere. 

What is the format of an Ayahuasca ceremony? 

The ceremonies are conducted at night, in darkness and generally last between 4 and 6 hours. Medicine men & women sing Icaros (healing songs) throughout the ceremony, the purpose of which is to guide you through the experience, clean and protect the space. Every participant receives at least one ‘limpieza’ (personal cleaning song). It is advised that no one talks during ceremonies so that everyone can go through their own journey uninterrupted. It’s best to bring a torch or head-lamp with a red light, because during ceremony the senses are extremely heightened and red light is gentler on the eyes. 

Can these medicines fix me in one ceremony? 

Although it is possible to have a life-changing experience in a single ceremony, more often than not healing takes time. Some need to make small steps and very gently uncover the layers of their pain, patterns and conditioning. Others dive into a whirlwind of transformation. We honour everyone’s personal journey and give space for each to tread at a pace that suits them.

There are some factors which affect how deep one can go in their transformation:  

• How thoroughly you prepare yourself for the retreat (including the pre-diet).

• How willing you are to confront the wounds of your past.

• How willing you are to truly let go of the things that no longer serve you.

• How committed you are to making real changes in your life after the retreat, so as not to fall back into negative patterns. The sacred medicines can give you deep insights into your life, but it is your responsibility to embody them. 

I heard there is vomiting involved with Ayahuasca, Tobacco & Kambo. Is it necessary and can I avoid it? 

Purging is a very important aspect of healing. Not only is it physically cleansing, but it also enables you to release all manner of subconscious and energetic blocks. There are other ways to purge in ceremony as well - for example crying, sweating, shaking and yawning.  

Are these medicines safe? 

Yes, they are safe when administered by skilled practitioners and taken with responsibility. However, if combined with alcohol, narcotics or certain pharmaceuticals, there can be very serious health risks. Ailments such as high blood pressure, epilepsy or coronary issues can also be problematic. Upon enquiring, we will ask you to fill out a personal information form, which will enable us to ascertain whether you are safe to participate. It is absolutely crucial that potential participants are completely honest about their medical history and substance use. 

Are the ceremonies scary? 

There is a general consensus in the ceremonial circles, that if you would not get on a roller coster, you should not sit with these medicines. One is required a certain level of internal stress management skills as well as emotional grounded-ness to be able to face the sometimes long forgotten traumas or suppressed shadows within. 

An integral element of ceremonial work is the willingness to face one's fears, in order to move through them and liberate oneself from false belief systems, self sabotaging patterns or parasitic energies. This indeed involves feeling fear, for the purpose of becoming free of it.

Which substances contraindicate with Ayahuasca?  

Certain substances should not mix with Ayahuasca and require a period of detoxification and / or weaning. For a comprehensive list, including clearance times and cooling-off periods, download THIS DOCUMENT*

*This is not a complete list of contraindicated substances and drugs. We will ask you to share comprehensively any and all pharmaceutical substances, drugs, natural remedies or supplements you are taking before we can confirm your booking.

What is the “preparation diet”?

The pre-diet is a very important part of preparing oneself for the medicines we use. It is a detox of the body and mind which will help you get the very best out of your experience. It must be implemented as strictly as possible, a minimum of two weeks before you begin the retreat. No exceptions, no compromises. 

Here are the details: 

• No red meat

• No dairy products

• No pharmaceuticals 

• No alcohol or narcotics

No other plant medicines (including cannabis)

• No caffeine

• No sugar, salt or spices

• No oil

• Nothing fermented (including yeast and over-ripe fruit)

• No sexual activity

• Minimal social media, TV and movies.

Can I join a retreat if I am menstruating?


Menstrual blood is one of the strongest energies on Earth - it is the force of Creation itself. Because of this, it can affect the ceremonies in a significant way. Combined with Ayahuasca, the experience can sometimes become overwhelming for the woman or block the experience. 

This is why we ask for you to carefully plan your retreat for a time when you will not be menstruating. Kambo is a definite no with the period, as the peptides it contains can either interrupt the flow or extend it significantly. 

However, if your cycle would change unexpectedly or your only opportunity to come is when you’re on your moon, let us know and we can make special arrangements so you can still attend the retreat.

There are cheaper places to drink Ayahuasca. Why should I choose Wistin Origins?


Our focus is on quality, not quantity - in everything we do. This includes organic food, one-to-one consultations and of course, full personal attention in and out of ceremonies. Because we limit places to 6 people per retreat, we can offer a combination of skill, service and care that few can match. 

I’m not sure about spirituality. Am I still welcome?  

Yes, you are more than welcome. The only prerequisite for attending a retreat is that you want to work on yourself. Be aware though, that we will always speak of the medicine and the ceremonies in spiritual terms, as that is its original and true context. 


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